35 years on and Orgreave is still making the news

Its hard to believe that Orgreave was 35 years ago.

While this event has a role in keeping the memory of the Mines and Mining. It would be very wrong of me not to mention Orgreave. At the time I was living in Hampshire, and apart from being on the TV and Radio the the Miners’ strike (1984/1985) was almost another world away, however my Mum being a Yorkshire lass and active in supporting causes. We were busy at home raising funds and even giving help to some men who had come down to picket Fawley Power Station.

Now Orgreave is just five minutes away in the Car from my home and I can remember the Coking Plant, such places always interested me because I had been an apprentice with British Gas, and worked on the Gas Works sites in Southampton, Andover, Salisbury and Portsmouth. So I was familiar with the Coking Process.

Feelings still run high in this part of South Yorkshire for anyone who remembers what happened in 1984/1985

Here is one of the Items this week from the Guardian