Shireoaks Colliery Memorial

Shireoaks Colliery Memorial

Shireoaks Colliery Memorial

The Shireoaks Colliery Memorial was dedicated on Monday 3rd May 2020, the colliery it’s self having been closed in 1990.

Shireoaks colliery was known as the flagship of South Yorkshire, because of its innovative use of Davy Lamps, Powered Roof Supports and mechanised coal cutting techniques.

The Colliery site was visited by the Prince of Wales in 1861, although he did not go underground.

The Shireoaks Colliery was also linked to the Chesterfield Canal. It had its own Canal Basin, where two coal shutes were installed, to speed up the filling of canal barges. These were then transported throughout the Canal and River Network.

The Chesterfield Canal has been restored thanks to the work of the Chesterfield Canal Trust, we recommend a visit to their site.

For clarification Shireoaks, is in Nottinghamshire.

On a change of subject, it was great to find an active Scout Group in the Village see

This is also a very good local history group on Facebook