Kiveton Park Community Woodland

Kiveton Park Community Woodland

The former Kiveton Park Colliery site has been turned (like many others) has been turned into a Community Woodland. Here are a few Photos.

Kiveton Park Community Woodland Top ViewThis is the view from the top of the former spoil heap, it’s hard to believe it was a Colliery site.

Below that is a photo of one of the Memorials on the site, this one to the Men and boys who have died on the site.

Also below are a couple of pictures of the Community woodland in the Snow including the area of Ponds used for fishing.

KP Memorial

Kiveton Park Community woodland in the snow








Ponds in the Snow

About Kiveton Park Colliery

Kiveton Park Colliery, situated in South Yorkshire, England, holds a significant place in the annals of coal mining history. Established in the late 19th century, it emerged during a period of industrial expansion driven by the demand for coal, a vital fuel for powering the engines of the Industrial Revolution.

The colliery played a pivotal role in the local community, providing employment opportunities for generations of miners and shaping the socioeconomic landscape of the region. At its peak, Kiveton Park Colliery employed hundreds of workers and contributed substantially to the local economy.

Throughout its history, the colliery witnessed the evolution of mining technology and practices, adapting to changing industry standards and safety regulations. However, like many coal mines, it faced numerous challenges, including labor disputes, economic downturns, and mechanization.

The closure of Kiveton Park Colliery in the latter half of the 20th century marked the end of an era for the mining community. The shutdown not only impacted the livelihoods of miners but also brought about significant social and economic changes in the region.

Despite its closure, the legacy of Kiveton Park Colliery lives on in the memories of those who worked there and in the industrial heritage of South Yorkshire. Today, efforts to preserve and commemorate the history of the colliery serve as a reminder of its importance in shaping the identity of the local community and the broader history of coal mining in England.