FAQs – frequently asked questions

Former Colliery Sites on the Air – frequently asked questions.


  1. Can I operate other Amateur Radio bands and other modes from a Former Colliery site? – Yes, you need to use 2m FM and monitor 2m FM – but you can use other bands and modes.
  2. Do I have to be on the site to activate it? – No, as long as you are within 1km of the site, we recognize that you can’t always get safe access to a site.
  3. Do I have to register to activate a site? – No, but it does help too.
  4. Do I have to log contacts? again No it’s only if you which to.
  5. What counts as a former colliery site? – Any former site where Coal mining or working has taken place, such as Deep Mining, Drift Mines, Open Cast, and other coal working such as coking plants.
  6. Do you have an Information Privacy Policy? Yes please see our Information Privacy Notice