Event Guidelines

Some guidelines

We want to make this event easy and simple for any licensed Radio Amateur to take part.

The idea behind the event is to keep the memory of these sites living and the cost to life and limb paid by the many who worked in them.

Our aim has also been to keep things simple, so the minimum required to activate a site, would be in easy reach of any licensed, Amateur Radio  Operator, Therefore the minimum requirements are:

(1) to be within 1km (or one o/s grid square of the site), (we understand that you may not be able to get direct access to a site).

(2) you can operate with a handheld, from a vehicle or with any setup so long as you keep the power to 10 watts or under.

(3) you operate on 2m FM (you may operate on other bands and modes – as an addition only)

The event starts at 18:00 and finishes at 21:00 (BST).

Although part of the aim is to log contacts if you do not want to log, that’s okay just get out there and have some fun on the radio!

Your Safety is important – so please take care when Activating a Site. Is your responsibility to make sure you have legal and safe access to the site.